Alkerdeel (b) spits out black/doom metal with blown out live production, grinding guitars, blasting distorted drums, filthy super sick vocals, all very very heavy, doomy and even psychedelic. Essential for fans of Darkthrone, Burning Witch, Winter, Blut aus Nord, Beherit and Meth Drinker … as well as other practitioners of grim buzz and noise.


Originally raised as a three piece garage jam project (only guitar, drum and voice, no bass) in 2007, to satisfy a hunger for filthy and lousy music. All sessions were partly improvised and recorded on a tapedeck. Blesken, of Sylvester Anfang fame, got his hands on one of the recordings, recognized its rough value, baptised the bastard as 'Luizig' (lousy) and released the tape on a ridiculously yet logic amount of 66 tapes through his label, Funeral Folk. Ofcourse it sold out in no time and even before the thought of a re-release, Al from Scotland's At War With False Noise offered to give 'Luizig' a proper cd-release through his label. A repress followed shortly after due to increasing demand. By the time the band started to play live sporadically and on the brink of writing new songs, long time friend QW (Serpencult, Thee Plague Of Gentlemen) joined on bass. Not only his psychedelic drones elevated the music to untrodden fields of intoxication, the subterranean blasts from his speakers chopped many spectator's head clean off. To this day, stages are crushed from the UK or The Netherlands over Germany and Czech Republic. So far, Alkerdeel had the honor sharing stages with a.o. Wolves in The Throne Room, Primordial, AmenraUrfaust,  Jex ThothAluk Todolo, Lugubrum, Nihil, Monarch! ...


After the recording of 'The Bollaf!', an EP released by Universal Tongue which even contained an Ildjarn medley, Blesken from S.A. entered again. Famous for his analog and first take obsession, he captured the erupting volcano that is Alkerdeel live to tape, giving birth to 'The Speenzalvinge', the actual debut album which got Roadburn's 'Album of the day' approval stamp. The album opened doors to play at (in)famous festivals such as Roadburn, Desertfest, Incubate, Throne Fest, Aurora Infernalis, Ieperfest ... The difference between these different festivals marks Alkerdeel's schizophrenic and disturbing nature: whether to play a doom, indie or black metal audience, souls are captivated regardless.


2012 gave birth to 'Morinde', the new full-album released by Consouling Sounds (a.o. Amen Ra, Aderlating, Aidan Baker) from Ghent, the band's homeground. Four tracks fearlessly walking the valley of black, doom, sludge and even war metal. Recorded live, without overdubs, in one night with an honest mastering by Tom Kvalsvoll from Strype Audio (a.o. Dodheimsgard, 3th and the Mortal, Aura Noir, Darkthrone …), 'Morinde' confirms Alkerdeel's punk attitude to making music: what you hear is what you get!

Early 2013 saw the release of a split album (vinyl only) with A Den Of Robbers, sludge-crust friends from Ghent, titled 'CM Kamp 1996', featuring three unreleased tracks dating back from the 'Luizig' sessions. Recorded with a dictaphone and raw as fuck! 

2014 offered two split albums, sort of. Firstly, 'Dyodyo Asema', a 19-minute long bastard, composed by Alkerdeel and Gnaw Their Tongues with the intention of celebrating the fifth anniversary of Consouling Sounds. Mind, it's not a split release, but a collaboration where both parties worked on one gloomy-drone-black-doom-monolith of a song. Secondly, the split with Nihill - called 'The Abyss Stares Back' on Hypertension Records, as an ouverture to the third full lenght 'Lede', released in 2016 (Consouling Sounds). Gone are most sludge influences, old-school influences and almost kraut-like psychedelics are pushed to the front. More Winter and Von, less Neurosis or Burzum

Fast forward 5 years - 2021, in full pandemia, fourth album 'Slonk' sees the light. Although the album seems to show a more atmospheric side of the band, it's their most aggresive effort that should appeal to fans of Archgoat, Ildjarn and Mizmor.

Only awdeud is real!


Released by Consouling Sounds / Babylon Doom Cult Records - Feb 5th 2021.
Recorded live at Boma Studio, Ghent (Belgium) - 24/07/2020
Engineered and mixed by Frederik Segers - 25/07/2020
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Studio (Birmingham)

All music by Alkerdeel, lyrics by Pede.

Intro on "Vier" by Stadt.
Design and illustrations by Luchtrat.
Photography by Mitze Pede.

Pui: guitars / Nieke: drums / QW: bass / Pede: vox


Alkerdeel are back for their first full length since 2012’s Morinde! It might seem a long time, but the band has been working very hard. This resulted in a couple of split albums that hinted at the direction they were headed, but mostly they used the time to piece together the brand new album ‘Lede’. The album is undeniably Alkerdeel: the muddy but yet surprisingly well defined sound is ever present. The direction in which the music evolves did change over time. The doomy sludge drone monster of before made way for a more direct and head-on approach. These Belgians are not beating around the bush this time: they will grab you, and drag you along for a relentless journey through their murky uncompromising black metal wasteland.


The album is available on CD and vinyl. Ltd.
Le 7e Oeil edition of the album is sold out.


Recorded live August 3th 2015 at Boma Studio, Ghent (b).
Engineered and mixed by Frederik Segers.
Mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio, Oslo (nor).

All music by Alkerdeel.
Intro and fx on 'Gråt Deleenaf' by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).
Pui: guitars - Nieke: drums - Qw: bass - Pede: vox

Design and illustrations by Luchtrat.
Cover engravings originally by Jacques Callot 'The temptation of St. Anthony'


Only the lonely!

Dyodyo Asema

Dyodyo Asema', a 19-minute long bastard, was composed by Alkerdeel and Gnaw Their Tongues with the intention of celebrating the fifth anniversary of Consouling Sounds. Mind, it's not a split release, but a collaboration were both parties worked on one gloomy-drone-black-sludge-monolith of a song.


Released by Consouling Sounds on etched vinyl (SOVLXXXIII) and Digifile cd (SOUL0033).

Alkerdeel recordings on 03.03.2013, at Bomastudio,
Ghent (b) by Frederik Seghers.

Violated at De Bejaarde 2 (nl) during spring 2013 by Mories GTT.

Mastered and mixed by Mories.

Design and illustrations by Luchtrat.

The Abyss Stares Back #4 - Split with Nihill

Alkerdeel recordings and mixing on 27.09.2014, at Bomastudio,
Ghent (b) by Frederik Segers.
Mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio, Oslo (Norway).
Artwork by Tom Van Uytrecht.

Picture by Stefaan Temmerman

Part of The Abyss Stares Back Series by Hypertension Records


CM Kamp 1996

Split with A Den Of Robbers!

Three unreleased rehearsal tracks from the 'Luizig'-sessions. Harsh as fuck 2006 madness! 

Mastered by James Plotkin


Released in 2012 by Consouling Sounds / At War With False Noise

live 07/05/2011 at Viper Rosa Garage, Ghent (Belgium) by Stefan Valenberghs and Koen Gallet.

Mixed by Stefan and Pede.
Mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio, Oslo (Norway).


All music by Alkerdeel.

Intro and outro by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).

Design by Pede.


Alkerdeel is Pui (guitars), Nieke (drums), QW (bass), Pede (vox and effects).

De Speenzalvinge

Released in 2010 by At War With False Noise / Universal Tongue

Re-released on vinyl in 2017 by Babylon Doom Cult Records

Released in 2010 by At War With False Noise / Universal Tongue 

Also released as a promo on 12 copies.
Cd attached to black wood, wrapped in fabric.
For the happy few only.


De Speenzalvinge was recorded in june 2009 at 'Ons Gemenig Repetitiekot' somewhere in Zomergem, Belgium.

Captured on tape by Willem 'Blesken' (Sylvester Anfang).
Mastered by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).

De Bollaf!

Released by Universal Tongue (2008).


Recorded by Fré, october 2008 in Zomergem, Belgium.

Artwork by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).

Natt og Take - Nattens Ledestjerne is a combination of two tracks by Ildjarn.


'Luizig' recorded at Repetitiekot Adegem - 15/03/2007

Line-up: Pede, Pui, Nieke

Originally released by Funeral Folk on cassette on 66 copies


Released three times.

1st: At War With False Noise (2008 - Sold Out)
2nd: At War With False Noise (2009 - Sold Out)
3th: At War With False Noise / Consouling Sounds (2012)

Cover shows the 2012-release.

Luizig - demo

Released by Funeral Folk on cassette on 66 copies.


Sold Out.


Recording line-up: Pui, Nieke, Pede