Regardez ses yeux
Part III of the opening song of Alkerdeel's 2016 album "Lede".
Original footage by Ladislas Starevich - 'Le roman de renard' (1930)
Second song Alkerdeel's 2016 album "Lede", also called "Lede".

Original footage 'Ce cochon danseur' (1907)
'The Abyss Stares Back' - SHSRR
Teaser for the split with Nihill released by Hypertension Records.
'Dyodyo Asema'
Clip for 'Dyodyo Asema', a song we wrote together with Gnaw Their Tongues.
'Hesspikn' - Official Video
Clip by Diederick 'Herr Maniac' Nuyttens.
'Morinde' Teaser
Teaser for the 'Morinde' album.
Excerpt from the song 'Du Levande'.
Clip taken from the movie 'Calvaire' by Fabrice Du Welz (2004).
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