Dyodyo Asema

Consouling Sounds

Alkerdeel and Gnaw Their Tongues with the intention of celebrating the fifth anniversary of Consouling Sounds. Mind, it’s not a split release, but a collaboration were both parties worked on one gloomy-drone-black-sludge-monolith of a song.

Released by Consouling Sounds on etched vinyl (SOVLXXXIII) and Digifile cd (SOUL0033).
Released January 1, 2014

Alkerdeel recordings on 03.03.2013, at Bomastudio,
Ghent (b) by Frederik Seghers.

Violated at De Bejaarde 2 (nl) during spring 2013
by Mories GTT.

Mastered and mixed by Mories.

Design and illustrations by Luchtrat.


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