Consouling Sounds

Alkerdeel are back for their first full length since 2012’s Morinde! It might seem a long time, but the band has been working very hard. This resulted in a couple of split albums that hinted at the direction they were headed, but mostly they used the time to piece together the brand new album ‘Lede’. The album is undeniably Alkerdeel: the muddy but yet surprisingly well defined sound is ever present. The direction in which the music evolves did change over time. The doomy sludge drone monster of before made way for a more direct and head-on approach. These Belgians are not beating around the bush this time: they will grab you, and drag you along for a relentless journey through their murky uncompromising black metal wasteland.

Recorded live August 3th 2015 at Boma Studio, Ghent (b).
Engineered and mixed by Frederik Segers.
Mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll at Strype Audio, Oslo (nor).
Released by Consouling Sounds 2016.
Vinyl re-release by Consouling Sounds 2023.

All music by Alkerdeel.
Intro and fx on ‘Gråt Deleenaf’ by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).
Pui: guitars – Nieke: drums – Qw: bass – Pede: vox

Design and illustrations by Luchtrat.
Cover engravings originally by Jacques Callot ‘The temptation of St. Anthony’

Only the lonely!


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